Sports Card Heroes is proud to Present


TRISTAR Show in San Francisco  April 17-19th, 2015

We are now taking orders for the TRISTAR Show in San Francisco, the weekend of April 17 - 19, 2015. Drop off/mail in deadline is Monday, April 13.


  • 8x10 $5.00
  • 16x20 $20.00


  • Mini Helmets $25.00
  • Full Size Replica Helmets $99.00
  • Full Size Authentic Helmets $199.00


  • Official NFL Football Current Style $90.00
  • Official NFL Football (Tagliabue/Rozelle) $100.00
  • Official NFL Football (old style "Duke") $110.00


  • Official Major League Baseball $18.00


TRISTAR Authentication Service


TRISAR will be on hand to authenticate all items signed at the show. If you would like to have your item TRISTAR certified, the fee is $6.00 per autograph with a maximum charge of $10.00 on any one item. With this service, a TRISTAR serial numbered sticker will be placed on your item . This serial number is then entered into their online database for permanent verification. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding this service.


Football Hall of Famers


Y.A. Tittle

Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971

Any Item $40.00

Inscription one free


Dianne Tittle de Laet

Daughter of Y.A. Tittle, author and poet. Mrs. Tittle de Laet will be on hand signing copies of her book "Giants and Heroes, A Daughter's Memories of Y.A. Tittle".

Hard cover book cost is $25.00 (cover price) and comes autographed by both Y.A. Tittle and Dianne Tittle de Laet. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Arete Foundation ( If Desired, Mrs. Tittle-de Laet is happy to personalize the book. Additional donations are graciously accepted. Please make checks payable to the Arete Fund.

Thank you!


Baseball Hall of Famers and Stars


Reggie Jackson

1973 AL MVP, 14x All Star, 5x World Series Champion, 2x World Series MVP, HOF 1993

Flat Item up to 11x14/Baseball $99.00

Large Flat Item/Mini Helmet $149.00

Premium Item $199.00

Inscription $40.00


Orlando Cepeda

11x All Star, 1958 NL ROY, 1967 NL MVP, HOF 1999

Flat Item/Baseball $39.00

All Other Items $59.00

Inscription one free


Randy Johnson

10x All Star, 5x Cy Young Winner, 2001 WS MVP, No Hitter 6/2/90, Perfect Game 5/18/04, 9x Strikeout Champion, HOF 2015

Flat Item up to 11x14/Baseball $199.00*

Large Flat/Equipment/Bat/Jersey $249.00

Artwork $299.00

HOF 2015 Inscription $79.00

Other Inscriptions $49.00

Mr. Johnson will not sign jerseys


Juan Marichal

10x All Star, No Hitter 6/15/63, HOF 1983

Flat Item up to 16x20/Baseball $59.00

All Other Items $79.00

Inscription $20.00

"Dominican Dandy" Inscription $39.00


Bruce Bochy

3x World Series Champion, 1996 Manager of the Year

Flat Item up to 16x20/Baseball $59.00

All Other Items $79.00

Inscription $29.00


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